What is GO:View

GO:View enables you to watch your CS:GO matches on your smartphone. There are options for both 2D and 3D. Watching in 2D is suitable for lower end devices.

GO:View lets you navigate maps freely anytime anywhere. Use the free look camera to fly around on the map. You can also have a look at the overview map for a better top down view.




  • View the different heights for overviews that include them

  • Ability to update maps

  • Ability to delete maps

  • Ability to delete matches

  • Show nade throws in replays

  • Show weapon drops in replays

  • Load actual models for weapons in replay

  • Load actual models for players in replay

  • Load actual animations for players in replay

  • Add SFX

  • Ability to give matches a name

  • Ability to highlight and bookmark parts of a match

  • Let seeking to point in match be instant

  • Watch live games (friends/tournaments)

  • Strategy/plan maker


  • Load map overview ✓

  • Load 3D map ✓

  • Watch competitive matches in 2D ✓

  • Watch competitive matches in 3D ✓

  • Free look mode camera ✓

  • Orbit camera ✓

  • First person view camera ✓

  • Log in to Steam ✓

  • Basic friends chat ✓

  • Download maps from Steam ✓

  • Download recent matches from Steam ✓

  • Resource packs downloader/manager ✓

  • Share recent match link ✓

  • Open match from sharecode ✓